You must submit the application for an Ikamet by the internet from 18 May 2015. Both for a first application and for an extension. The procedure for an initial application is slightly different than for an extension. For a first application, you must make a personal appointment during the application procedure for a visit to the “Alanya Göç İdaresi”.
You must bring the requested documents with you to the personal appointment.
An Ikamet can be extended up to 2 years. For foreigners who are married to a partner of Turkish nationality, a validity of 3 years is possible.
If you have had an Ikamet continuously for 8 years and have not been outside Turkey for more than 365 days in the last 5 years, you can apply for an Ikamet for an indefinite period.

Which documents do you need for an application:

1. Passport + copy of the first page and the page with stamp of entry into Turkey. Passport must be valid for another 6 months on the end date of the Ikamet application. The visa with which you entered Turkey is allowed
have not expired.

2.Proof of Income
You must have a Turkish bank account with the values ​​of $6000.00 (dollars) in any currency. Or proof of state pension. You must then request a decision from the Social Insurance Bank and have it officially translated and legalized by a civil-law notary.

3. Statement from the SGK that you are insured.
If you are compulsorily insured, you must request an N/TUR111 form from your insurer. This is a statement that you are insured. Be careful, that form always has a limited period of validity. With this form you go to the SGK office where you will receive a statement from them that you are insured. If you have been deregistered from your country and are therefore no longer insured, you must take out compulsory insurance with SGK. Make sure that you bring an original N/TUR111 or N/TUR121 form with you from the Netherlands or that you have it faxed or emailed to SGK.

4. A rental agreement signed by both parties must also be stamped by a Notary.

5. If you own property, the tapu is sufficient.

6.Turkish tax number.

7. 4 Passport photos

Additional information:
First application: entry visa must not have expired at the time of application.
Extension: submit the application from 60 days before the end of the old Ikamet. At least before the validity of old Ikamet expires. (must not be expired!)
If you receive a request to send something; always do this within 10 days.
After approval of the application, you will receive a temporary certificate. This allows you to leave Turkey for 15 days during the application period (no longer!) but you must have this certificate validated in Antalya before you leave the country.